About Us

Sinfra is a national central purchasing body working with sustainable procurement. We represent our members in Sweden who conduct operations within district heating, water, and electricity. Our sales total approximately 500 million kronor annually through suborders from Sinfra framework agreements. Our vision is to become a natural part of members’ purchasing operations. We bring efficiency and security to operations, combined with the best technology available. For us, sustainability is more than just an environmental issue, it’s integrated in everything we do throughout our entire organization. The concept of sustainability encompasses legal, technical, and economic sustainability, such as environmental and CSR issues.


Our primary mission is to procure technology and services from a sustainability perspective on behalf of our members. In 2015, we were named ”Excellent Sustainable Purchaser of the Year” by the Swedish Competition Authority, which serves to confirm our active work within sustainability at all levels. We believe that together we can influence our entire society and create a more sustainable one.

Our Procurement Process

Our procurement process consists of three main parts: Preparation, Procurement, and Follow-up. We allow preparation and follow-up to take up a greater share of the process. During preparation, we map out our members’ needs and wishes, then develop a procurement calendar. This is followed by a preliminary pre-study of the product, system, and/or service. Specifications are published in Visma TendSign, and the possibility of a framework agreement is awarded to those tenders that are the most advantageous overall.


Proposal of procurement area, Prioritization (Selection criteria), Needs analysis, Procurement calendar and Procurement preparations.


Procurement process


Follow up during contract period and Prolongation Renewal


Who can be a member?

As a Sinfra member, you have the right to place a suborder on any of our framework agreements within the areas of district heating, electricity, and water supply. To become a Sinfra member, you must be considered a Swedish municipality or county council with the main task of producing or distributing district heating, electricity, or water. A membership with us means that even the subsidiaries within your group are entitled to place suborders on all of our framework agreements.


How do you become a member?

If you are interested in becoming a Sinfra member you must fill out a membership form, https://sinfra.se/bli-medlem-i-sinfra/  which will then be reviewed for approval by the board. Becoming a member is quick and easy, and it’s also free. As a member, you instead pay a membership deposit which is returned to you upon your exit from the association.

Membership Benefits

Sustainable Procurement

Sinfra suppliers are required to meet a specific set of sustainability standards. Each potential supplier is evaluated accordingly, and along every stage of the procurement process—from the time an initial offer is given, to the actual procurement, and the annual follow-up evaluation.

Freedom of Choice

Select from a multitude of different procured framework agreement suppliers—a unique opportunity you can’t get with individual procurements.


Our framework agreements save you both time and resources.


Data and insights collected on framework agreement usage can be made available to you as a member or framework agreement supplier.

Law Enforcement

We help with procurement legislation.

Developng with the world around us

We work actively to cultivate both national and international procurement collaborations with other branch organizations and countries in order to support our continued technical development as we strive towards a more sustainable future.

Home Insurance

Together with Trygg Hansa, we offer a beneficial insurance covering deductibles and home insurance in case of damage that occurs primarily in district heating plants and/or customers’ heating systems. This insurance applies to members’ home customers.

Framework Agreement Suppliers

Sinfra framework agreement suppliers

Sinfra is a central purchasing body with high standards and expectations of its framework agreement suppliers. As one of our suppliers, you have a unique opportunity to reach out to all of our members who can place direct suborders on framework agreements once the procurement is complete. Read the Supplier Code of Conduct here!

As a framework agreement supplier you also have the opportunity—at a good price—to market our joint framework agreement via a film production which helps effectively communicate the framework agreement to more members. The film is published in our communication channels, and we even offer a link for usage in your own channels. See guidelines for film production.

How do I become a framework agreement supplier?

Sinfra manages all procurements in Visma TendSign, and the first step to becoming a supplier is leaving an offer.

Next, we evaluate whether you fulfill the Sinfra selection criteria according to the procurement framework terms and requirements.

To be selected as a Sinfra framework agreement supplier is regarded as a stamp of quality. The approval means that, as a framework agreement supplier, you meet all quality requirements we have set for the respective procurement related to:

  • Price for products, systems, and services
  • Sustainability
  • Delivery, support, and service
  • Terms and warranties
  • Economic stability

Contact Us


Box 1026

101 38 Stockholm

Visiting Address

Kungsbroplan 2, Stockholm


08-525 099 40




Office hours

Weekdays 8.00 – 16.30

Phone hours

8.00 – 16.00

For other times you can try reaching us on our direct numbers.

Sending an e-invoice to Sinfra

Sending an e-invoice to Sinfra 

Sinfra requires that suppliers send invoices electronically rather than by post in order to minimize environmental impact, and to increase efficiency and quality.


The benefits of sending e-invoices 

  • You get paid faster, since the lead time of post delivery is eliminated
  • You don’t need to confirm orders with Sinfra
  • You eliminate manual handling and the cost of sending paper invoices
  • Increased quality, since existing information is reused by Sinfra

Getting started

If you already have an operator who handles your customer e-invoices, contact them and give them Sinfra’s electronic addresses which are listed below. Ask your operator to use PEPPOL when sending your files to Sinfra’s operator.

  • Organization number: 716419-3323
  • GLN: 7367164193324
  • PEPPOL-id: GLN
  • Operator: Kofax (Previously Lexmark Expert Systems)

Sinfra does not recommend or advocate the use of any specific e-invoice operator, but if you don’t have one today can you create free e-invoices for Sinfra at www.invoiceportal.net.

When you begin sending e-invoices 

Just before sending your first e-invoices, please notify us by email at faktura@sinfra.se. Also please attach some of your invoices as readable PDFs. During the initiation phase you can receive a daily account statement from us by email to ensure that your invoices have been received. If we should detect systematic errors in your e-invoices, we ask that you correct them within 8 business days.



Please avoid sending your e-invoices at fixed times. It is better to send them over the course of the day.


Good to know

  • Keep in mind that PDF invoices are not electronic invoices
  • Sinfra does not undertake any costs related to the introduction of your e-invoicing


What should an invoice to Sinfra contain?

The purpose of using e-invoices is to save time and increase information quality. Therefore it is important that your invoices always contain the following:

  • Agreement ID
  • Sinfra’s member company (customer)
  • Customer’s name
  • Customer’s order number